The 0.1% Rule: Why We No Longer Fight About Money

Like most couples, my wife and I used to fight about money. Either I was complaining about her spending, or she was complaining about my spending. Actually, I used to do more of the complaining, but marriages are about equality, so who’s counting, right?

But that was a long, long time ago. Now, my wife and I think it’s ridiculous when we see or hear other couples fight about money. Don’t get me wrong – we fight about a lot of things. Just not money. Actually, let me correct that. My wife yells at me a lot. Then I grovel and apologize. Is it still called fighting when one side utterly and completely surrenders?

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Time is Money (Only if You’re Getting Paid for It)

Do you believe time is money? Well, money absolutely equals time. If you want to get somewhere fast, you can pay up and take the toll road. Want to get there even faster? Take a helicopter. Not fast enough? Then get a jet.

I like the jet option the most, especially when it’s private. Not having to show up hours early for your flight is a real time saver. And if we’re lucky in the future, we’ll be able to get places even faster with rockets. I always knew Wile E Coyote was an underappreciated genius.

The point is, with enough money, you should be able to get anywhere lickety-split, preferably in style.
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