8 Things You Can Buy With One Bitcoin

You have one bitcoin burning a hole in your hard drive and the holidays are coming, so you’re looking for gift ideas – congratulations! Right now one bitcoin is going for around $17,500. Hopefully you mined this bitcoin in its infancy, or bought it when it was under $100. Because if you did, it’s all upside! Less so if you bought it yesterday, although you’ve done fairly well if you bought it two days ago. I have no view on where bitcoin will go, but now may not be a bad time to take a little off the table. Here are my suggestions on what you can buy for $17,500. Tax not included, but if you have one bitcoin, I’m sure you can scrounge for the rest!

8 Things You Can Buy With One Bitcoin

1) Kia Soul

Holy crap, you can buy a brand new car with just one bitcoin! With an MSRP of $16,100, you even have a little left over for some upgrades. It may not be the nicest car out there, but it’s still a brand new car with a 10-year/100,000 mile warranty. If you are looking to buy a new car, remember to do your research and negotiate to get the best price.

Kia Soul

2) Diamond Earrings

For that special lady in your life (maybe even yourself!), you can get her 2.5 ct diamond earrings for a little over $16,000. If you are looking at diamonds, make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Diamond earrings won’t appreciate (bitcoin may not either from here), but there’s no doubt the earrings are nicer to look at.

3) Pontoon

Sunbathe. Fish. Or just spend time on the water. For the price of one bitcoin, you can have your own boat! Prices for this boat range from $14k to $18k base, so if you’re only willing to spend just one bitcoin, don’t load up on the options.

If you’re really good at fishing (not me), you may even make money with this investment!

pontoon boat
Avalon Pontoons.

4) Rolex

Bitcoin has just doubled in under a month. Clearly, the time value of money is important to you as a bitcoin holder, so what better way to recognize that than with a Rolex? Diamond hour markers, 18k gold bezel and center links. You can certainly do a lot worse. Apparently Rolexes are great to have if you travel a lot and need something to trade to get out of sticky situations. Although these days, people may be willing to take bitcoin as well. Or at least Square credit card readers.

5) Bugatti Oil Change

It’s a tough choice. A whole Kia, or an oil change for a Bugatti? Actually, 85% of an oil change. Note that the tires will cost about $30,000 and will need to replaced after 2,500 miles, so you’ll need a few more bitcoin to get the whole servicing done. If your name’s Satoshi Nakamoto, this should not be an issue.

one bitcoin buys an oil change
Remember, not the car, or the steering wheel, or even the headlights. Just one oil change.

6) 5 Steaks

Yes, you read that right. In exchange for one bitcoin, you can have steaks for you and four of your friends. Not new steaks, though. You can’t afford that. But steaks from 2000. These steaks are special, with a unique preservation method where cold air is blown at 75 MPH to keep them chilled. Basically, somebody threw them on a roof of a car and drove down the freeway.

If you want the asparagus and tomatoes, be prepared to shell out another $10k.

The cows are also raised in the best living conditions possible. They’re probably treated better than my wife and kids.

7) Berkshire Hathaway Stock

This is probably going to be near the bottom of your wish list, because if you follow Warren Buffett, you wouldn’t have any bitcoins in the first place. But if you think is this the top for bitcoin, what better way to lock in that value than by going from ulta-growth to ultra-value? AOL pulled this feat off in 2000 and maybe you can too!

Unfortunately, you don’t have enough money to buy a big-boy share of BRK/A. Those go for just under $300,000. But you can get 83 shares of the Class B’s, which are just under $200 apiece.

8) Beanie Baby

Some people believe bitcoin is a fad, and that it’s only a matter of time before the bubble bursts. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I don’t know. But there’s one thing I know about fads: they come and they go. The Beanie Baby boom could just be resting, ready to take off again. This could be your chance to start on the ground floor. Again!

beanie Baby
ebay. Uhh, maybe you should hold on to the bitcoin instead.

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