How to Maximize Your Business Travel Like a Boss

Like most people, I need to travel for business. I don’t travel much, maybe 5-10 times a year. So I’m not like those hardcore travel warriors that are flying every week and have executive platinum status for everything. I honestly don’t know how those people do it. First, it must suck being away from family for so long (maybe that’s not such a bad thing when you have small children). I think some of them fly so often they know the flight attendants by name! But I do travel enough where it makes sense to take advantage of what I spend. Here are my tips on how to maximize your business travel spend.

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8 Things You Can Buy With One Bitcoin

one bitcoin

You have one bitcoin burning a hole in your hard drive and the holidays are coming, so you’re looking for gift ideas – congratulations! Right now one bitcoin is going for around $17,500. Hopefully you mined this bitcoin in its infancy, or bought it when it was under $100. Because if you did, it’s all upside! Less so if you bought it yesterday, although you’ve done fairly well if you bought it two days ago. I have no view on where bitcoin will go, but now may not be a bad time to take a little off the table. Here are my suggestions on what you can buy for $17,500. Tax not included, but if you have one bitcoin, I’m sure you can scrounge for the rest!

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What to Do When You’ve Been in a Car Accident

Earlier this year, my beloved Lexus was totaled! I had the car for 14 years and I was hoping it would last me at least another 10. I was stopped at a light when a distracted driver in a large SUV rear-ended me. How did I know he was distracted? That’s an educated guess considering everybody else was stopped at the red light yet he somehow thought that he could keep driving. Thankfully, I didn’t suffer any permanent injuries. Hopefully you’ll never experience this. But if you’re ever in this unfortunate situation, here are some tips on how to deal with a car accident and what to do when your car is totaled.

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